Next-Gen Motion Imagery Software Solutions


2d3 Sensing provides a complete offering of solutions through professional software and systems development. These include system integration, system architecture design, hardware prototyping, test & evaluation, and field support for all related imagery intelligence system development activities. Our staff is comprised of experienced engineers who have worked the most high profile defense systems such as the F-22 Raptor, MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper; Components of our work are included in many civilian and defense systems which handle Full Motion Video (FMV) or High Resolution Imagery (HRI).


Offered as a fixed cost, fixed scope project, 2d3 Sensing's engineers will help you identify your project requirements to see if the Solutions group can contribute technology, expertise, management oversight, or all of the above. As part of our assessment, we will also determine your capability gaps and identify what COTS components can be used to fill those gaps at a fraction of the cost of custom software or hardware development.


A system architecture specification document is probably the most essential component to a well-managed project plan. 2d3 Sensing Solutions offers the architecture design services to help you specify your subsystem or, where appropriate, the complete system architecture for your project. The design can encompass everything from camera and sensor systems to IT infrastructure and user workflow.


Every system is different and not all COTS products can fit users’ exact commercial or mission needs. System integration and customization is usually required to complete the solution and solve users’ needs. 2d3 Sensing has a team of in-house software development experts who are poised to modify or extend our Tungsten Media Toolkit, TacitView, or Catalina product lines to make a perfect fit to meet your project needs. For customers with their own in-house development teams, 2d3 Sensing offers consulting services and training from our wealth of engineering, full motion video, and vision science expertise to guide the design process and shorten time to market.


It often looks easy when you read the brochures but getting new sensors and systems to integrate well at 100% capability readiness and reliability require an attention to detail that can be frustrating to project managers who want it in the field immediately. The truth is that someone has to do the painstaking work of planning all the potential pitfalls, managing the suppliers and getting the system in, working and tested from the bench to the field. Exacerbating this problem is the fact that most component vendors are certainly experts in their respective products and technologies, but largely “in the dark” when it comes to the rest of the IMINT or surveillance system. As the Vision Science experts, 2d3 Sensing is uniquely positioned and motivated to ensure the entire pipeline capitalizes on each sensor’s output and that the various pieces of data are integrated and synchronized throughout the entire system.


Due to obvious pressures, many systems have been fielded in a hurry without the chance to optimize overall system performance. Many times, these optimizations are not apparent until a true geospatial product is requested of the system – it is then that various oddities and inconsistencies in the way components have been integrated becomes apparent. The 2d3 Solutions group will assess, from top-to-bottom, where improvements can be made and implement changes to existing systems and brand new technologies to get the accuracy of data product or metadata to its highest fidelity.


Know that your system and software are fully functional and stable. 2d3 Sensing offers complete testing and product verification services to verify that your software operates exactly as expected and that the data produced is accurate.


2d3 Sensing Solutions offers comprehensive training programs on all of their products, related media standards, and any custom-written software delivered by the solutions group..