TacitView™ ISR


2d3 Sensing’s flagship software application is designed to maximize an analyst’s productivity by providing powerful FMV editing, enhancement, exploitation and reporting tools. With an intuitive, state-of-the-art user interface TacitView is a Windows software application that allows analysts to find, scrub, view, improve, tag, edit, annotate and publish motion imagery across the enterprise during all phases of exploitation. TacitView enables the next generation PED experience, bringing advanced analytics to the desktop. From visual enhancement to geo-registration, TacitView constructs interpretable metadata-rich media in your-time and according to your workflow and CONOPS. TacitView is seamlessly integrated with 2d3 Sensing’s Catalina software, can be used standalone, or can be connected to other third party or legacy software systems. Of course, TacitView uses the Tungsten SDK throughout its core, ensuring your imagery products are MISP compliant.

Transform Metadata into Actionable Intelligence with TacitView: